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    Our history dates back to 1978. The name then was the Teaching and Research Section of Foreign Languages, and on the basis the Foreign Languages Department was founded in 2001, later renamed as what is known as the School of Foreign Languages in 2005. We have four departments, two research centers, namely, the Department of English, the Department of Japanese, the Department of Korean and the Department of College Foreign Languages Teaching, the Center for Literature and Linguistics Studies, and the Center for Culture and Translation Studies. Moreover, we offer one postgraduate programEnterprise Culture and Image Design. We undertake the teaching tasks for all graduate students, undergraduates, as well as students of vocational training in our university on both specialized and public foreign languages, such as English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Russian.

    Currently, we have a team of experienced faculties: a total of 96 members comprising 26 professors and associate professors, 23 doctors (including PH.D Candidates) and 15-20 foreign teachers recruited each year, all of whom constitute a creative and dedicated academic team with great potential. The team boasts a reasonable age structure, higher-leveled academic qualifications and titles. During the recent five years, the faculty have undertaken over 20 province-leveled and ministry-leveled subjects, with more than 200 academic papers and about 30 academic books, textbooks and translation books published.

    Upholding the “student-centered” educational philosophy, we actively explore the “glocal” mode for talents cultivationa mode characterized by its combination of internationalization and localization. We have established relations of cooperative partnerships with a dozen of educational and corporative organizations in China, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Korea, setting up bases for internship and employment, and developed short-term and joint programs for the cultivation of masters. We attach great importance to the development of students’ humanistic quality, and adheres to the educational principle of “bridging the culture from the east to the west, endowing the students with both ability and integrity” , the goal of which is to comprehensively enhance the students’ cultural literacy and cultural awareness, and to mode them into new talents of the 21st century who possess not only cross-linguistic and cross-cultural ability, but also moral, intellectual, and artistic qualities. The reform and innovation of curriculum has always topped our agenda. Based on the special courses of light industry in our university, we have committed ourselves to introducing pedagogically splendid foreign curriculum and textbooks and implementing the cross-disciplinary teaching by virtue of the advantage of foreign languages; the students here are expected to be fashioned into applied, versatile and international elites.

    As a young team in our university, the whole faculty as well as the students of Foreign Languages School are devoting themselves with overwhelming enthusiasm, high spirit and diligent attitude to pursuing the goalto build a “famous polytechnic university with distinguishing quality and high level.

English Major

    The English major recruited the first group of students months after its foundation in May of 2001. It is mainly oriented in three directions: language and culture, business English, and practical translation. Exploiting the advantages of our polytechnic features, we encourage cross-major teaching so as to quickly adapt students to the future-to-be jobs in related industries. We have always been promoting educational internationalization and providing students with opportunities for their internship, practice and further study in English-speaking countries. The courses, Basic English and English linguistics, are evaluated as “School-level Quality Course”. In 2009, the English major has been appraised as the “Characteristic Major of SPU” and won the “Award for Talents Training” of Shandong Education Bureau in 2011. The pass rate of TEM Band 4 remains above 80% every year, and the employment rate ranks among the best in our university. 

  Japanese Major

    The Japanese major recruited the first group of students months after the foundation in 2005. We have advanced course work available in two categories: Japanese language and its translation; IT and commercial Japanese. We have been vigorously conducting exchange and cooperation programs with Japanese industrial and researching organizations. Currently, we have established bases in Japan for students’ overseas internship and training practice, and offered cooperative programs including short-term training of language and culture, cultivation of postgraduate students, co-building of the “international vocational counsel center” and so on. The pass rate of the Level 1 Test for Japanese language ability reaches above 80 and the percentage of students’ taking the postgraduate exams rises steadily each year.

Korean Major

    The Korean major is founded in 2011 and accepted the first class of students in 2012. We have advanced course work available in two categories: Korean language and its translation, business Korean. We have a high-level starting point, for all the teachers are graduates with a doctoral degree from famous South Korean universities. Great importance has been attached to activities, such as international exchange and overseas teaching practice. we have reached an agreement for exchange students with Hyupsung University, Konkuk University and The University of Suwon in Korea, which means junior students in our school can pursue further studies in south Korean universities and senior students are able to have their internships in south Korean companies while graduate students can further study for a master’s or doctor’s degree in sister universities without entrance examination.

College English Teaching of Foreign Languages

    The department of college English Teaching of Foreign Languages has been undertaking the task of public foreign language teaching to meet the need of postgraduates, undergraduates and junior college students. Meanwhile, we offer more than ten selective courses as well as one creative course about foreign languages. The course of College English was graded as quality courses of SPU in 2006. In 2010, the faculty of college English teaching was titled “the Excellent Teaching Team” by SPU. We have been focusing on enhancing the quality of teaching and academic research and advanced figures are emerging in multitude. We actively promote teaching reform and innovation, paying close attention to the cultivation of students' foreign language proficiency and capability. Students have made superior achievements in nationwide CET exam, with pass rate exceeding the national average level.

Brief Introduction to Postgraduate Program

Enterprise Culture and Image Design(Disciplinary code99J8)

    Enterprise Culture and Image Design is an interdisciplinary studies involving various disciplines such as Business Management, Cultural Studies, Design. The focus of research is mainly about cross-cultural communication, comparison of Chinese and foreign enterprises identity, and brand image design. The research combines the advanced characteristics of foreign enterprise culture and local features of Chinese enterprise culture, and it is expected to achieve the following goals:

    shape the brand image and improve cultural awareness and confidence of Chinese enterprises;

    protect and rejuvenate traditional culture and image of Chinese enterprise;

    solve culture-clash issues and spread Chinese enterprise culture through translation;

    enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in global market in the era of economic integration.

    The program is set as a sub-discipline integrated by the first level disciplines of Business Management, Design, and Foreign Languages. It has three research fields: Cross-cultural Communication, Comparative study of Chinese and Foreign Enterprise Culture; Brand Image of Chinese and Foreign Enterprise.

    This subject has a well-structured team of 18 teaching and researching personnel: 4 professors, 8 associate professors and 6 lecturers, among which five have obtained doctoral degrees and six have of over two years experience of studying or working abroad. Members of the team in recent years has presided 5 provincial-level projects of humanities and social sciences, over 10 horizontal projects cooperation with companies, factories, or institutes and published more than 30 important research papers, and 20-plus textbook, monographs.

Department Motto: bridging the culture from the east to the west, endowing the students with both ability and integrity.

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